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Employment with Gurus

Gurus is a software consulting company dedicated to provide "Just Solutions," or the "right solutions" as well as "only solutions". We realize that to achieve excellence, we must employ only the best and help our employees to continue to be the best. Our Employees form the backbone of our organization, so each and every one is treated as an individual and given importance as an individual contributor.

Company Information:
Gurus IT Services LLC has 20 + years of experience in providing IT services to clients. Guru IT Services LLC have extensive experience with major global corporations and many more. Gurus IT Services LLC's vision is to achieve global IT services leadership in providing value-added high quality IT solutions to its clients in selected horizontal and vertical segments, by combining technology skills, domain expertise, process focus and a commitment to long-term client relationships.

H-1B Sponsorship

Gits is comprised of its consultants. So we believe in forming a partnership with our consultants to make Gurus a greater place to be. We have an open door policy, wherein employees are encouraged to give their inputs for improvements.

We hire H-1B consultants. If you are currently in the United States and require H-1B transfer or new H-1B sponsorship, or if you live abroad and would like to work in the US, we welcome your application. All applicants must pass initial technical screens, communication screen, show proof of Education preferably Masters Engineers Software professionals along with the current employment and comply with current INS H-1B application guidelines.

Green card and Citizen
To increase our scope of recruitment in a wider spectrum we also join hands with green card holders and Citizen living in the US providing them a better oppurtunity to carve a niche in the software industry.

Recruitment Policies

We have a separate technical Team to screen and evaluate aspiring software technocrats .Communication skills and the energy level is being handled by the companies HR department.These are carried out to keep our reputation intact with the clients. Once selected we Train them to match their technical acumen to that of the exact needs of the clients ,enabling us to meet both ends which in general in the current scenario is a rarity. Hence our detainment of the consultants without a project is to the bearest minimum even during the slump in the software industry which shows to prove we recruit the best and the finest Professionals in the Industry.

How to Apply
To Join this Professional recruiters e-mail a copy of your resume to or call our Corporate headquarters at 732-247-7747

Latest News
GITS has fast become an industry leading provider of a suite of software components to embed advanced analytics into existing enterprise applications and business processes. GITS has partnered with COGNOS Leading BI tool to deliver meaningful root cause analyses of a data.
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GE Capital - Global Consumer Finance - GITS supports GE GCF in the implementation and customization of VisionPLUS globally. This project is an ongoing initiative of GE GCF to have common Global Accounts recievable platform. Ongoing Projects involve the implementation of the latest version of VisionPLUS® 8.0 in GE GCF Japan & GE GCF Mexico.
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"We are pleased to mention that our projects given to them were successfully completed on time. Gurus Consultants are very courteoues and efficient." - Robert Swercheck, Network Manager Ward Products, NJ.
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