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Regulatory and Compliance 

The Regulatory and Compliance landscape is an important area within the pharmaceutical, biopharma and biotech environment throughout the US and EU. At Gurus Information Technology Services, LLC we take pride in our ability to leverage our internal knowledge to help facilitate the appropriate talent to help you meet your regulatory goals. From Safety Surveillance and drug safety and efficacy to pharmacovigilance, we appreciate the necessity of helping your company meet timelines, guidelines through the phases of drug development both pre and post marketing. If your company is looking for talent or resource needs to reach your departmental goals, reach out to GITS, LLC as your aligned business partner.

**** We work within your timelines so that you can meet your goals.****

Pharmaceutical Sector

Gurus IT Services, LLC., has over 20 years of experience in it in multiple industry lines of which pharmaceutical is one. In the fast-evolving landscape of pharmaceutical mandates and manufacturing, Gurus IT keeps up the past for your department by finding appropriate talent to meet your resource needs. From business analysts to validation specialists, Gurus IT could expand the depth and breadth of your department by placing mid to high-level consultants either in staff increasement or project-based business. We help you so that you can meet your goals to help your consumers.

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare landscape is an ever-changing fast-paced environment with multiple systems, platforms and devices intertwined. At Gurus Information Technology Services, LLC. we have the expertise to understand your healthcare IT needs and to facilitate the right talent to help meet your goals whether contractual or project-based. From the support of information across multiple systems and the exchange of information, we can align our capabilities to meet your timelines and guidelines appropriately. From payers to consumers to multiple device platforms across multi-departmental units, you can leverage GITS, LLC to be the business partner to align with to make your system run smoothly and effectively.

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing is the hand-holding gateway to multiple industry lines and maintains a heavy presence within the pharmaceutical, biotech, biopharmaceutical and biologics environments. And with your projects and goals, come a need for staffing and resource fulfillment from validation to testing engagement to serialization to engineering, Gurus IT, LLC., can increase your productivity, help create a streamline process and provide high-level resources for any of your needs.

Retail Sector

Retail has become quite different with online ordering, retail inventory management in real-time and multiple device ordering systems so that your company does not lose business or customers. At Gurus IT, LLC., we could provide the skill that is needed for gap analysis, trending focus, monitoring inventory control, IT specialists within supply chain and all so that your company can meet the needs of its consumers. Gurus IT Services, LLC., has the capability of leveraging our talent pool in order for you to leverage your timeline.

Banking & Financial Sector

One of Gurus IT Services, LLC., areas of strength are within the banking and financial sectors. From IT developers to architects to it project managers for your project outline, Gurus IT Services, LLC., can provide in a quick pace, the appropriate talent and resource needs that the challenging banking and financial environments require. Financial analysts, banking analysts and quantitative analysts’ professionals are just the beginning of our area of expertise.